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Too Early for Back to School?

No joke, the local Staples had a Back to School display in June. That’s too early.

How about the last week of July? Is that too early? Target doesn’t think so as it has an entire corner of the store dedicated to school supplies.

Yes, back to school is around the corner. And for rising Seniors, that means time is running out to prepare for the fall tests.

Late August and early September offer SAT and ACT opportunities respectively. Both tests are administered again October, which may be the last time some Seniors can take the test in order to get scores back in time for some early admission deadlines.

So as much as you may cringe at the back to school advertising in July, it is a good reminder that you have some time to get some test prep done before the upcoming tests.

CROSSWALK is available to help. While more time is ideal, we do work with students on short timeframes to get them ready for test day.

Contact CROSSWALK today to see how we can make your back to school transition, and test prep, a little easier.

CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for tutoring, test prep and academic support.

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