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Plan Now for Summer Learning

Spring is here. Before you know it, summer will be upon us.

Which means now is the time to plan for summer and avoid summer melt.

Catch up, get ahead and refocus for the summer. Set yourself up for summer academic success and advance your college admissions goals this summer with the following steps:

  1. Establish a goal: Center your summer around a specific academic goal. For example, "review how to graph functions" or "improve your SAT/ACT score" and maybe "learn 500 new vocabulary words." A goal will focus your summer plans.

  2. Choose a learning method: Decide to learn online, in person or another way. Determine if you will work by yourself, with a tutor or with a study group. The learning method will depend on how best you learn and what other plans you have for summer.

  3. Understand what "test-optional" means: If you are thinking about college admissions, make sure you really know what test-optional means. This video here is a great overview. Spoiler alert: the option is not so much taking the test, rather if you submit a score. Watch the video so you know what test-optional means to this upcoming admissions cycle.

  4. Sign up for summer prep: Put your best foot forward for admissions and scholarship opportunities by taking CROSSWALK's Summer Test Prep program. This course is the most robust summer test prep course CROSSWALK has ever offered with a path to learning success for all. Take the class online, in-person and/or watch the class recordings. Best of all, each student will get two 1-hour private sessions with Lead Instructor and Founder of CROSSWALK, Brooke Higgins.

Summer will come fast so make sure you are ready.

If you need help achieving your academic goals, improving a test score or boosting a GPA, CROSSWALK is here for you.

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