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How to Win the Coin Toss, Guaranteed

Tails never fails. Until it does.

Super Bowl Sunday is here and both head coaches already know what is at stake with the coin toss: start the game with the ball or start the second half with the ball. Thus, before the toss even happens, the coaches have already determined a winning strategy for their team to follow for both heads and tails.

The way to win the coin toss, guaranteed, is to know what is at stake and then prepare a successful plan for either result.

For standardized tests and college admissions, the first step is to know what is at stake. The coin toss in this scenario is whether you should submit a test score or not. Make no mistake, the coin toss here is NOT about taking the test, rather it is about submitting a score. All students should take the SAT or ACT because the term "test-optional" is misleading. Take the SAT or ACT, then decide if the score is worthy enough to submit.

Once you take an SAT or ACT and get a score, then you are guaranteed a winning strategy regardless of the test results.

If you get a good score, one that is in the range of the top 25% of admitted students to the schools of your choice, then your plan is to submit your scores. And you can also feel comfortable applying to test-required schools like Georgetown, M.I.T. and Dartmouth.

If you get a not-so-good score, maybe one that is outside the top 25% of admitted students to the schools of your choice, then your plan is to either not submit your test scores or work to improve your score with a test-prep program, tutor or old-fashioned self study. Assuming you don't submit your score, you would focus your college admissions on test-optional or test-blind schools, of which there are many.

Either way, you win.

Just make sure you play the game by taking the SAT or ACT. Take the test, get a score, then flip the coin of submit or not submit. With a plan in place for both heads and tails, you are guaranteed to win.

Need further help with SAT or ACT prep in your college admissions journey? CROSSWALK is your path to learning success to contact us here.

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