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The Ideal Mindset for Test Day

With less than a week away from the next SAT, it is time to get your mindset prepared for the big day. 

My students and followers of this blog know that I wax poetic about a growth mindset. The opposite of a fixed mindset, a growth mindset is the thinking that you can learn new things with dedication, hard work and effort. With a growth mindset, an old dog can learn new tricks.  The problem with a growth mindset is that it takes time. If you are taking the SAT on Saturday, you don’t have the time to develop a growth mindset.  Fret not as there is a mindset that is ideal for test day. Better yet, it takes very little time to establish.  The mindset that is ideal for test day is the 3F mindset. The 3F mindset means fun, focused and free. It is the same kind of mindset you would use when you tackle a jigsaw puzzle, a board game or something like a sudoku.  When facing these kind of puzzles, you have fun, you stay focused and you set yourself free within the challenge you undertake.  So on test day, try to pretend that the SAT or ACT is a fun challenge. Each test question is a crossword puzzle, Rubik’s Cube or other logic challenge.  Setting your mind to fun, focused and free will allow your critical thinking skills to perform at the optimum level.  On the other hand, if you approach test day with a bunch of anxiety, you will not be able to use your best problem-solving skills.  Put differently, the ideal mindset for test day is a healthy attitude. Your attitude can thus create the optimum aptitude. Sure, test day may not be the most fun thing to do, but as a major step in your college application process, you may as well approach it with a free, fun and focused attitude.  Zig Ziglar once said that your attitude determines your altitude. I would add that your attitude can determine your aptitude.  For more test day tips, contact CROSSWALK. Private tutoring, test prep, SAT and ACT Boot Camps is what CROSSWALK does best. Contact us today to learn more. 

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