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Test Prep, Golf & First Tee of Monterey County

On yesterday’s glorious Sunday afternoon, I had the honor and privilege to work with the youth of First Tee of Monterey County. While I was somewhat familiar with the organization, I had no idea how much they offered area youth in terms of both golf and life skills.

My work yesterday was on the life skills side. I spent an hour yesterday with a group of about 20 high school students and we went through my presentation, 10 Things to Do to Prepare for the SAT and ACT The students were no doubt itching to get on the golf course, but they were kind enough to sit through and digest valuable test prep tips from me.  We developed a couple of golf analogies with respect to test prep. For example, we talked about how getting better at both golf and standardized test preparation requires a dedicated plan. We also addressed how important it is to practice perfectly for both golf and test prep. In other words, when you practice, you should practice the exact skills needed for a match or on test day. 

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