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Summer SAT & ACT Prep: 2 Programs

Planning to use summer time to prepare for an SAT or ACT? Then consider these two excellent options:

#1) 6-Week Small Group SAT & ACT Course: Maximize your SAT or ACT score and minimize the stress of test preparation with this proven online weekly course starting July 11. Class meets in the evenings from 6:30-8:30pm pacific time.

Learn score-boosting strategies, practice real tests and develop a study plan to make the most of test day. The number of participants in the course is limited to keep the instruction personalized and focused on each student. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

This course is the oldest and most successful CROSSWALK program ever. With hundreds of students served over the past decade, this course will ensure all students are ready for test day.

Sign up for the 6-Week Summer SAT & ACT Prep here.

#2) Self-Paced SAT & ACT Prep: Perfect for busy students who work at their own pace, this affordable and accessible course offers 8 videos, over 10 hours of content and hours of practice activities. Students log in and complete all activities on their time at their pace.

Complete this course to understand what is on the SAT & ACT, what strategies yield the most success, and how to perform your best on test day.

This course, the newest program offering from CROSSWALK, is ideal for self-motivated students eager to get actionable tips and strategies on their own time.

Sign up for the Self-Paced SAT & ACT Prep program here.

Summer is coming up quickly and CROSSWALK is here to make sure your summer of test prep is productive, affordable and accessible. If you need any test prep or college planning advice, don't hesitate to contact CROSSWALK.

Happy prepping!

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