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New SAT: Easy Math Practice You Must Do

The paper SAT has officially met its sunset. Students will no longer have to navigate two separate SAT math sections, one where you can use a calculator and one where you cannot.

As the calendar turns to 2024, the new digital SAT is here to stay.

Spoiler alert: You can use a calculator on the entire math portion of the new SAT.

I blogged last time about test adaptativity and how this is a crucial wrinkle that students must be prepared to navigate. In addition, there is a wrinkle on the math sections of the new, digital SAT that students must prepare for: an online calculator.

According to the College Board, "Students may use their own approved calculator on test day or take advantage of the graphing calculator built directly into the testing application."

This is big news. I know of many students in past SAT test experiences who forgot their calculators. Or the batteries died on test day. Or their calculator was deemed "unapproved." These students were left without a calculator.

Now, if you are left without a calculator, you will still have the calculator embedded into the new digital SAT. The calculator is called Desmos and you can practice problems on it right here.

Students must practice the Desmos calculator before test day, even if they are planning to use their own calculator.

Crazy things happen on test day and you need to be as prepared as possible. So practice problems on Desmos. A little time spent getting comfortable with your resources will go a long way.

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