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How to Set Up a Remote Learning Pod

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, schools are preparing to offer more remote teaching in the fall. While some families hope for a return to normalcy and in-person instruction, many schools intend to deliver lessons via remote instruction or a hybrid model of both remote and in-person instruction.

The prospect of more online school is stressful for many families. Online instruction does not foster the same socialization as in-person schooling, especially for younger learners. Furthermore, moms and dads who work from home have a hard time simultaneously performing their jobs and attending to the learning needs of their children. 

One solution can be found in the form of Remote Learning Pods (RLPs). 

RLPs are groups of 2-6 students who would meet at someone's home or office. Together, students would log into their remote learning experience and, with the help of a tutor or a parent, navigate the online lessons for the day. 

In addition to offering greater socialization, RLPs can also be a way for parents to share the burden of instruction. Or, parents can hire a tutor to help guide the students through the day and share the cost across families. 

Setting up an RLP is quite simple:

1) Gather a Group: Form a small group of 2-6 students. Ideally, the students are in the same class but this is not totally necessary. 

2) Create a Safe Space: Convert a living room, garage, or outdoor area into a temporary classroom. The space must offer robust internet access if multiple people are accessing the network at the same time. More importantly, the space must be safe so social distancing is possible. 

3) Assign Roles or Hire a Tutor: Designate who will supervise the learning for each day. If parents are involved, they can rotate responsibilities  One mom can supervise one day, a dad on another day and so on. If parents cannot be involved, hire a tutor. The cost of one tutor shared across 2-3 families can be quite affordable. 

4) Follow a Daily Schedule: Follow the normal school day schedule and hold students to this schedule. Allow times for break so students can move, get outdoors, snack and hydrate. 

5) Establish Safe Routines: Even in smaller groups, students still need to socially distance, wear masks, wash hands and avoid sharing food/drinks. Practicing good hygiene will ensure students can learn safely. 

If you need help setting up a RLP for your learners, contact CROSSWALK. We can help you connect to a group, set up a space or otherwise help you prepare to best serve the learning needs of your child. 

Should you wish to hire a CROSSWALK tutor, know that we will only send a tutor to your home who has been screened, tested and issued a clean bill of health. And we will even provide FREE tutoring for the first day of your RLP so you can try it out and see if you and your children like it. 

RLPs: maybe the future of learning for many kids? 

For more details, contact CROSSWALK, the Monterey Peninsula's local resource for tutoring and test prep. 

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