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How to Guarantee Admission to a UC

Getting into one of the University of California schools is a competitive process; one that requires strong grades and a good test score. And even if you have good grades and a good test score, admission is not guaranteed.  Or is it?

Good news because if your dream is to attend a UC, there is a way to guarantee admission.  As of August 2017, six of the nine UCs (Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz) offer a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for California community college students who fulfill all transfer requirements. Proper coursework and credits at the community college along with an application submitted on time are the main requirements. There are some restrictions to TAG, like an exclusion on certain types of degrees at particular colleges. Business Administration at UC Irvine, for example, is a major excluded from this program. Similarly, TAG is not available for students who already have a bachelor’s degree or a graduate degree. Also, you can only request a TAG for one UC and most UC schools only offer TAG for the fall semester. For complete details, check the admission information at the University California website here TAG offers an excellent way to guarantee admission into highly selective and competitive colleges. And students would potentially save thousands of dollars starting first at a community college. Yet another reason to not stress about SAT and ACT scores during high school.  For test prep tips on the SAT and ACT, contact CROSSWALK. The Monterey Peninsula’s primary resource for test prep, CROSSWALK specializes in SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT and academic tutoring. 

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