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How Rare is a Perfect ACT® Score?

Perfection on the ACT® is rare. So rare that only 0.2% of all test takers achieve a perfect score.  Over the past year, roughly 1,900,000 students took the ACT®. Of those students, only 3,741 students achieved a perfect score.  And one of the students was a CROSSWALK student!  We at CROSSWALK are humbled to be a part of a perfect score. And truth be told, the student did not set out to achieve a perfect score.

This student had already experienced success on the PSAT so a good score was the goal. After a handful of private sessions at CROSSWALK, the student then took one of our popular small group six-week classes The student then followed a consistent study schedule. Note: the schedule was not rigorous or stressful, just a consistent routine. Then, the student took the test.  When scores came out, the student was overjoyed to receive the letter shown here.  Amazing!  We at CROSSWALK can take little credit in this perfect score. It was truly the student who put in the work.  Nevertheless, we are proud to play a small role in this amazing and rare accomplishment.  If you wish to learn how to achieve your goal score, contact CROSSWALK today. 

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