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How Much Do Test Scores Matter in Financial Aid?

You've heard it here before: SAT and ACT scores can be a path to greater financial aid and merit-based scholarship opportunities.

But by exactly how much is the question?

Turns out, roughly 25% of merit-based financial aid decisions are based on test scores, so says the latest report from the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest).

This metric is good news for two key reasons:

  • First: The number is not 100%. Test submission can remain optional as the opportunity for financial aid via test results may not be as high as some people think.

  • Second: The number is not 0%. By achieving a good test score, you can access 25% more financial aid than you could without a test score.

Yes, per the report by FairTest, the college admissions game continues to be biased.

But if you know the game, you can play it.

And CROSSWALK is here to help you play the game. Especially if you need financial aid for college and for test prep.

Our summer program, which kicks off on July 11, offers generous financial aid for the course. Sign up for the program here or contact us directly request financial aid.

We also have an affordable test prep program that is self-paced. Financial aid is available for that course too.

Do you need to take the SAT and ACT to get financial aid? No, you don't. But a test score means 25% more access to financial aid.

So do some affordable test prep with CROSSWALK so you can take the test and then have the option to submit your score. It could mean 25% greater financial aid.

Know the game, play it and put yourself in the best position for your future success.

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