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Digital SAT is Coming

Taking the SAT on a computer will soon happen.

According to the College Board, the Digital SAT will be rolled out to international testing centers in Spring 2023 with a planned rollout in the United States for Spring 2024.

The last time the College Board revamped the SAT was 2016. Those changes were significant, but arguably much less significant than the upcoming digital version.

The College Board claims that the digital version will be shorter and easier to take. Since students take the test on a computer, score delivery will be faster. The College Board will provide computers for students who don't have them, whether they take the test at their school or they take it a test center. Also, students will have a calculator and a timer built into the testing experience.

What will not change is the scoring as the College Board will maintain the 1600-point scale. Many students will be able to take the test during the school day at their schools. Further, there are no changes to student accommodations as those with documented learning differences will continue to receive the same support. And there will still be free practice resources on Khan Academy.

So big changes are due for the SAT. Time will tell if these changes will keep the test relevant. The College Board is facing an uphill battle with more and more schools maintaining their test-optional policies. However, the College Board argues that this new version will increase access and information for students and colleges alike.

What I have yet to see is any push back from schools. With so much happening in academic calendars on school sites, are all schools going to be willing give up school days to administer the test? Is that the best use of our school days? Isn't this just another way the College Board exerts their influence on school planning and curriculum?

These are questions that won't be answered soon, but what will happen soon is the Digital SAT. So get ready for it. Know the rules of the game so you can plan it. And if you need help, CROSSWALK Test Prep & Tutoring is here.

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