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What Can I Do Just Before the SAT?

Here’s a frequently asked question: What can I do the last couple of days before the SAT?

First, what not to do: stress. Once you start to stress out, your brain does not work as well. A little stress can be productive as a motivator but it should generally be avoided at all costs. That is why you can’t cram for the SAT. And it’s also why you probably shouldn’t try to take a full-length practice test days before the real test.

In fact, CROSSWALK is now offering SAT Walkthroughs every Wednesday evening before the SAT. Join us as we review tactics, timing, scoring and more. Students new to the SAT and students experienced with the test will benefit from the guided discussion. The next one is scheduled for January 23 at the Stevenson School. Contact CROSSWALK for details.

CROSSWALK is Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for test prep, SAT & ACT Boot Camps, private tutoring and academic support. Visit CROSSWALK or contact CROSSWALK today. 

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