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The SAT and ACT Sandbox

In technology terms, the sandbox is a place to test out new stuff before it goes to market. It is a space, both physical and metaphorical, dedicated to experimentation. Build stuff in the sandbox, see if it works, and learn from trial and error. The sandbox might be messy but the learnings can be bankable.

In SAT and ACT terms, the sandbox is your test booklet. 

The test booklet is the place for annotations, calculations, connections, and experimentation. Get messy and learn before you have to submit an answer choice.

For example, reading passages should be annotated so students can connect deeper with the passage. On math problems, getting pencil to paper as soon as possible enables a quicker path to crafting equations and performing calculations. For both reading and math questions, students should underline or circle the main part of the question so they understand what is being asked.

English passages are also places to experiment with different structures. Try out the different answer choices to see which one works best.

Once the test booklet is marked up, students can fill in answer bubbles neatly and precisely.

Much like a sandbox, the test booklet may get messy but the process of trial and error yields more correct answers.

On the SAT and ACT, use the test booklet as your sandbox. Annotate, check, calculate, summarize, experiment and try out the possibilities. Using your test booklet as a sandbox will help you get to correct answers more effectively and efficiently.

To prepare for your next SAT or ACT, contact CROSSWALK to see how we can help.

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