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The Most Important SAT Vocabulary Word

Do you find rote memorization of vocabulary abhorrent? Does SAT vocabulary seem like an impregnable fortress of nonsensical words? Hold on. What does “abhorrent” mean? And what about “impregnable“? Curse those SAT vocabulary words. Sure, they are useful for reading comprehension and writing, but nobody wants to memorize lists of words all day. Reciting words and their definitions is just plain boring.

Instead, learn the most important SAT vocabulary word: equanimity. Equanimity is not only a word found on the SAT, it is a philosophy for conquering the test. Equanimity means mental calmness and composure especially when faced with a difficult situation. As in, “it takes tremendous equanimity to succeed on the SAT.”  Sounds like a good approach on test day: keep your cool, stay focused, and maintain an even temper throughout the nerve-wracking marathon of a test. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the challenging vocabulary found on the SAT. You can circumvent the monotony of list memorization by using learning tools like flash cards. Tech-savvy folks can use and create online versions of flashcards at places like Quizlet and VerbaLearn Just don’t forget that your equanimity on test day will be the most important word and approach on test day.  By the way, abhorrent means loathsome and impregnable means unable to defeat. Start your test preparation with an SAT Boot Camp from CROSSWALK. Check for camp dates, information on private tutoring and more resources for academic success. 

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