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The First Step in SAT and ACT Prep

Preparing for the ACT and/or SAT can feel like a journey of a thousand miles. And a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right? The good news is that the first step in SAT and ACT prep is the easiest step of all.

The first step is to assess where you are presently. Like the doctor who runs a diagnostic test to see what ails or does not ail a patient, a student should do a practice test to see what strengths and weaknesses s/he has.  An official SAT or ACT test may be the most informative way to do this. Register and take an official SAT or ACT and request a detailed score report. This detailed score report will highlight what a student does well and what s/he should work on for the next iteration.  Even an unofficial practice test can be a valuable experience. Download a practice test from the ACT or SAT websites and be sure to download the scoring documents as well. After taking the test, score and analyze the test to identify areas of strength and weakness.  To make your first step on the test prep journey even easier, CROSSWALK will do a FREE score analysis for you. Send CROSSWALK your detailed score report or a practice test score sheet and we will give you 3-5 tips and strategies to work on for next time. For free!  Contact CROSSWALK today for more details and do let us know how we can help in your test prep journey. 

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