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The Art of Test Prep War: Strategy

I am certainly no expert in ancient Chinese literature and much less an expert on military strategy.  Nevertheless, I was fortunate to meet John Hunter last year. Upon meeting him, I learned about his World Peace Game and his corresponding book World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements Mr. Hunter  uses excerpts of the ancient Chinese military strategy book, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, to teach his students about competition, conflict and world peace. 

Inspired, I decided to read The Art of War.  Reading the book through my lens as a test prep tutor, I found a number of military strategies suggested by Sun Tzu that could very well apply to SAT and ACT preparation.  Okay, I admit that equating test prep with military operations is a bit of a stretch.  Even so, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that much of what Sun Tzu offers in terms of military preparation can be analogous to test preparation.  Take his famous line about strategy as an example: “The individualist without strategy who takes opponents lightly will inevitably become the captive of others.” If we liken “opponents” to “tests” then Sun Tzu was not only a master military strategist, he may also inadvertently be the first test prep tutor to underscore the importance of strategy.  My students all understand the importance of a game plan and a strategy for each question type. Past blog posts, like this one, suggest that a game plan is key to test success.  Sun Tzu may have originally intended to prepare Chinese warriors in the art of war. However, he reminds us that any preparation requires a plan and that we should not underestimate the task at hand.  If you don’t want to be held captive by the SAT or ACT, prepare your strategy today. Contact CROSSWALK as we can help you through the preparation process, strategy and all.    CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for SAT and ACT prep as well as tutoring for all academic subjects. Visit to learn more. 

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