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Simplify College Admissions with GOODFITS

College planning doesn't need to be complicated, especially when you have a reliable and easy-to-follow guide like GOODFITS: Everyone Can Go to College.

Simplify your college admissions process with your copy of GOODFITS.

Co-written by Founder of CROSSWALK, Brooke Higgins and Founder of Empowered Admissions, Marisela Rubio, this book is a must have resource for anyone overwhelmed by the college admissions journey.

Each chapter answers key college planning questions, like:

  • How do you start to research colleges?

  • How important are extracurricular activities?

  • How many colleges area on a final list?

  • How can I get financial aid?

What's more, each chapter tells the story of real families navigating challenges and finding success thanks to the information and inspiration in the book, GOODFITS.

Students, parents and college counselors, get your copy of GOODFITS now.

And if you prefer to listen to elements of this book via the GOODFITS podcast, listen here.

Find more resources for your GOODFITS at

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