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SAT? ACT? Or None of the Above?

Schools are getting back into swing and so is college planning for many high school students.

Key to college planning, and a popular topic of discussion this time of year, is what to do about the SAT or ACT.

So let's ask the question: Which test should a student take?



C) None of the above

Many are gravitating towards answer C: None of the above. This is because most colleges are "test optional" and some colleges—like the UCs and CSUs—are "test blind."

However, per my recent blog about how "test-optional" needs to be rebranded as "submission-optional," the answer should definitely NOT be C for students considering colleges that are "test optional."

Students seeking admission or scholarship opportunities at competitive colleges should most definitely try and take a standardized test to see if they can get a good score.

So which one? SAT or ACT?

For the most part, the two tests are similar. But there are some differences worth considering. Check out my video here that details which test is better for particular students:

Moral of the story: Decide which test to take and take it. Then put in the practice to see how to get your score closer to the score of admitted students.

After all, test taking is a skill just like playing a musical instrument, learning a new sport or speaking another language: skill improves with time.

And as long as more admission and scholarships are going to test takers, your best bet is to find and take the test that works for you.

If you need further help deciding which test or how to prepare for these tests, CROSSWALK is here for you.

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