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SAT & ACT Not Required for UCs: What That Means for You

Big news: in response to COVID-19, the University of California system just announced adjusted admission requirements for 2021 applicants. Most notably, the SAT and ACT are not required.  This presents a major opportunity for many families. This decision will reduce the stress around college admissions for many. 

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean the SAT and ACT are going away. First, this is a temporary decision just for 2021 applicants.  Second, students who still choose to take these tests this summer and fall, assuming that is even possible, may have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other applicants. After all, with the adjusted admission requirements, colleges will likely want to know how a student spent their time during the stay-at-home order. Students who perform well on the SAT or ACT can show colleges that they spent their time studying, learning and preparing. Evidence of motivation and productivity might be the path towards more admission opportunities in 2021.  Furthermore, since the test is optional, there is no stress in taking it! As CROSSWALK students know, stress is the enemy of test performance. So remove the stress, and see your score go up!   With this new landscape, how is CROSSWALK responding? With FREE test prep and a new (free) podcast!  Here are the details:  1) Free Test Prep:  CROSSWALK continues to offer its six-week test prep program on Monday nights from 6-7:30. It’s online. And it’s free. Contact Brooke Higgins directly for sign up information at 2) Free Podcast (English and Spanish available!)  CROSSWALK and InspirED have taken their partnership to the next level with the “Plan for College Admission” podcast. Find us wherever you get your podcasts or right here. These are crazy times but Brooke and Marisela offer the latest news and changes so you stay informed, prepared and inspired.  Y para los hispanohablantes, el podcast está disponible en español también. Busca el “Plan para Admisión Universitaria” en tu lugar favorito para podcasts o aquí

Stay connected with CROSSWALK on Facebook, Instagram and on the web. CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for test prep. 

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