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New Section of SAT: Mile Run?

Reading, writing, math and...a one-mile run?

Sounds crazy, right?

Maybe not so crazy if you are presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. According to his post on X, he thinks physical fitness should be measured on the SAT. It would be a way, in his mind, to address the deprioritization of the SAT for many colleges now that the Supreme Court has ended affirmative action in college admissions.

"There’s a simple way forward that will drive excellence and diversity of talent among incoming college classes: the College Board should add a physical fitness section to the SAT," he offers.

Ramaswamy continues: "This is a pro-merit solution that rewards diverse talents: it’s a fact that those who perform well on math & reading tests tend to perform more poorly on the 1-mile run, and vice versa. This would also help address a growing mental health crisis in our country: physical fitness correlates directly with lower rates of depression, anxiety, and drug use."

The proposal is not an official part of his presidential platform so it seems like he is just trying to garner clicks and views on his X account.

So really this is all just food for thought. Should the SAT add a mile run to its test? Would that help determine if students are ready for college? And aren't athletes at some schools already admitted four times the rate of nonathletes?

Sure, add the mile run to the SAT and college admissions in general. How quickly would that end up as a case in the Supreme Court?

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