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More Selective = More Test Required

Stanford just joined the "test required" party.

No surprise since schools that already announced a return to requiring standardized test scores in college admissions are some of the most selective: MIT, Dartmouth, Yale, and Brown to name a few.

While those of us at CROSSWALK understand test-optional is here to stay, it's hard not be caught up in the hype. It seems that the more selective a school is, the more they will require SAT and ACT test scores.

So two things are key here:

  1. Students who seek admissions in the highly selective schools will need to make test preparation a priority.

  2. Students who are not seeking admission to highly selective schools and do not want to play the testing game should focus their college lists strictly on test optional or test blind schools.

No matter what, if you need help with your process, contact CROSSWALK.

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