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Mastery Learning vs Test Scores

If you haven’t seen Sal Khan’s Ted Talk on Mastery Learning, take just ten minutes and view it here: 

Cool stuff that is not so revolutionary. And easily implemented in a lot of classrooms.  Learning should be about the foundation and building skills to add to the foundation. Not test scores, but benchmarks that allow a student to demonstrate comfort and confidence with the material to then add more.  Much of what CROSSWALK does is score driven since we focus on ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT and standardized test results.  Despite this focus on test scores, the common denominator for score improvement is building out the foundation of the basic reading and math skills.  Test taking is a skill, like playing an instrument or picking up a new sport. Time on task drives improvement. And the more complete your foundation, the faster your path towards mastery.  Learn more by contacting CROSSWALK today. 

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