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How to Train the Brain for SAT and ACT Prep

As much as I love waxing poetic on the best way to study and learn, I am no expert in brain science. 

Thankfully, those that research how the brain works like to share their findings, like this article here:  How Does the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies  Check it out. Really good stuff and thought-provoking.  As this relates to test prep, a couple of the tactics in this article can immediately impact your test prep. Consider the following: 

  1. Space out your test practice. Trying to cram a bunch of material at once doesn’t work.

  2. Take breaks during your prep. Even a quick stretch or walk around the block will help the brain process and retain information.  

  3. Mini-quizzes are a great way to keep you focused. As you may not have time to do full problem sets every day, find ways to stay fresh and focused with regular, shorter practice sets or even something like the SAT Question of the Day

If you need more advice on how to get ready for the ACT and SAT, contact CROSSWALK. We also do tutoring for academic subjects. Let us know how we can help train your brain for success. 

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