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How to Make Test Day Unlike Kindergarten

Think back to your first day of Kindergarten? Was it stressful?

For many kiddos, the first day of Kindergarten is majorly stressful. Separation anxiety, strange people, and unfamiliarity cause even the most resilient little ones to break out in tears.  Most kiddos stress out on day one of Kindergarten because they don’t know the routine. What is new and different is hard to handle. Learning, or anything for that matter, is impossible when stress is high.  Kindergarten teachers know this too well and use orientations, meet-and-greets or other ways ease the transition.  The same is true for the SAT® or ACT®. If the routine is new and different, you stress out and productivity suffers. Even if you can hide your tears better than a Kindergartner, you are crying (and stressing) on the inside.  So how do you avoid the stress of unfamiliarity of the SAT® or ACT®?  Just like the Kindergarten teachers set up their systems to increase familiarity and comfort for their students, you too can become more familiar and comfortable with the SAT® or ACT® through routine practice before test day.  Take practice tests. Learn the directions. Work on your timing needed to complete all test sections. Above all else, become familiar with the process so it is not new and different.  It doesn’t take much to know the routine, just a little preparation ahead of time.  If you need help with your preparation, contact CROSSWALK. With several summer workshops and ongoing programs, we can help make your test experience less stressful.  

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