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GOODFITS is Now a Podcast!

Based on the success of our book, GOODFITS: Everyone Can Go to College, Marisela Rubio and I have launched a companion podcast.

The objective of the podcast is the same as the book: to provide a practical and useful guide for people new to college planning, unfamiliar with the process or otherwise overwhelmed by college admissions. We want to inform and inspire first generation families, underrepresented populations and all students thinking about college so that they know that everyone can go to college.

Our podcast episodes follow a similar structure of the book chapters. Each chapter addresses a key question of the college admissions process in three parts: 1) a true story, 2) key information and 3) a plan of action so that everyone can answer the question.

But the book and the podcast are not the same. While the book goes deeper into certain areas, the podcast allows Marisela and I to offer more timely insight into the most pressing areas of college admissions planning. For example, we touch on the recent SCOTUS ruling regarding college admissions in Episode #2.

We recommend both the book and the podcast so that everyone can get inspired and informed on their path to college admissions.

Add the GOODFITS podcast to your listening list! And buy the book, too!

Feel free to contact me directly to learn how Marisela and I can help your school, community organization or other groups learn to navigate the college admissions process.

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