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For Test Prep, Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Ahh, spring. Warmer temperatures and longer days get us all ready for summer. With spring in the air, the heat is also rising in the classroom. 

As spring days get longer and warmer outside so does the stress level for students. Sports commitments, performing arts, part time jobs, exams, social activities and more limit the free time for the average student.

So in the middle of all the spring activities, and with the ACT and SAT looming, how can one find any time for test  prep? 

One answer lies with the birds. Quite literally.

When birds feel spring and summer approach, they flock together to migrate north. So too can students. 

With the April/May/June ACTs and SATs fast approaching, students can flock and work together. By forming a study group, students can learn together and learn from each other. 

Here are three reasons why you might consider forming your own flock, or your own study group. 

1) Shared Resources: among the flock, students can share books, online resources or other materials. While many resources are free or reasonably priced, some resources are not cheap. Share the cost of test prep resources with your flock and gain access to resources that you might not normally have. 

2) Stay Motivated: by forming a study group and meeting regularly, your flock can stay motivated. Weekly meetings are a great way to keep everyone on task and moving towards a similar goal. 

3) Learn from Each Other: many times, the best way to learn is from a peer. If you are skilled in math but falter in reading, find someone that excels in reading and learn from them. You can also teach them some math skills and thus everyone learns. 

A flock, or a study group, might be the answer to test prep at this time of year. Birds use each other to help navigate a migratory journey and you can too. Form your own flock and you can make your test prep journey a bit easier. 

Contact CROSSWALK to find resources for your flock. CROSSWALK offers private tutoring, small group tutoring, ACT/SAT Boot Camps and academic tutoring in a variety of subjects. Contact CROSSWALK today to learn more. 

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