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CROSSWALK Sponsors Olympic Day

A big thanks goes out to Tim Hutten and his fellow olympians for hosting the inaugural Olympics Day on Saturday at Hartnell College.

Tim and a handful of olympians put on an excellent morning of exercise, nutrition and inspiration for local youth. Athletes representing water polo, diving, triathlon, marathon and track shared stories and advice on how to set goals and strive for achievement. Kiddos engaged in stretches, games, relay races and more in an effort to get active and excited for sports.

CROSSWALK was proud to sponsor the event. Academic achievement is not much different than athletic achievement. Both rely heavily on goal setting, consistent practice, resilience, grit and how to balance success with failure. Further, the brain develops along with physical activity meaning kiddos become smarter with more physical activity.

Thanks again to Tim Hutten and the local olympians. CROSSWALK hopes to be a sponsor next year!

CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for test prep and academic tutoring. Contact CROSSWALK today before the summer academic slide sets in!

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