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Boost SAT/ACT Score with Workshop Series

If you need a boost to your SAT or ACT score, contact CROSSWALK today to sign up for the Spring Test Prep Workshop Series.  Join us for six topics over six weeks. If you don’t need all six, then just pick the sessions you need.  Here are the dates and topics:

  1. 3/14/17: SAT and ACT Overview and General Strategies

  2. 3/21/17: SAT and ACT Reading Strategies for Success

  3. 3/28/17: SAT and ACT Math Strategies for Success

  4. 4/4/17: SAT and ACT Writing Strategies for Success

  5. 4/11/17: SAT and ACT Science Strategies for Success

  6. 4/18/17: SAT and ACT Essay Strategies for Success 

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