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ACT vs SAT: Testing Wars Heat Up, Part II

Just when you thought the dust settled between the College Board, makers of the SAT, and ACT, Inc., makers of the ACT, the rivalry started a new chapter. This time, the battle lines are drawn around access to free test preparation materials. But the good news is that the winners of this battle are the students. Truly.  For a long time, free ACT resources were available at while SAT resources were rarely free. That changed when the SAT partnered with the Khan Academy. With the unveiling of the new SAT format in March 2016, the College Board also launched a partnership with Khan Academy to make SAT prep resources available to all, free of charge.  In an apparent reaction to the SAT/Khan alliance, ACT, Inc. has countered with its own alliance with Kaplan Test Prep. This partnership will provide live on-line instruction, real-time interaction with teachers and access to recorded sessions. 

Low-income students that register with ACT, Inc. with a fee waiver will not be charged to use the new Kaplan resources. Other students will find the cost of this platform very reasonable.  Kudos for the makers of the ACT for providing more availability to instructional materials. Further reason why you don’t necessarily need to hire a tutor to help you navigate the process. Nevertheless, if you could benefit from some experienced guidance through SAT and ACT preparation with a CROSSWALK tutor, don’t hesitate to contact us here. CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for test prep, boot camps and academic instruction. 

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