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ACT Changes: What to Expect

Changes abound during the pandemic for both the SAT and the ACT. The last post was about how to handle SAT June cancellation. This post is about what to expect with the ACT changes. 

First and foremost, the ACT is giving all indications that the June 13 test is still scheduled as planned. This may surprise many since most sites that host the test (i.e. schools) are not opened yet. Nevertheless, ACT, Inc is staying the course and is still accepting registrations for the June test.  Secondly, the ACT is making a bold move by rolling out an online testing version for the fall of 2020. This online test version was initially going to be available only at approved testing centers but the ACT just announced that an at-home version should be ready in late fall or early winter. The online format could be a major game changer as it will allow scores to be available in as few as two days.  Third, and perhaps the biggest news about the new ACT format for 2020 is Section Retesting. With Section Retesting, students can retake individual test sections as many times as they need. This is an amazing development for students applying to colleges that superscore. By the fall of 2020, students will be able to sign up for just a section of the test, prepare exclusively for that section and strategize to book the best composite score possible.   With online testing and Section Retesting, the ACT appears to be making a strategic play to differentiate itself from the SAT. Even with many colleges and universities making the SAT and ACT scores optional for current juniors, the ACT is putting its best foot forward to ensure its relevance for the future of college admission.  And a final note regarding test optional schools: test optional is not the same as test blind. Colleges will still consider test scores even if they are not required. In fact, test scores may be more important than before. With many high schools freezing Spring term grades or going pass/fail due to the stay-at-home order, GPAs may be a less reliable measurement for colleges. Test scores, as a result, might be the only standardized and measurable data point for colleges to consider.  So embrace the changes! Change in this case is good as it reduces a lot of the stress around the ACT. Faster results with section retesting are positive changes to help you book your best score possible.  If you need help booking your best SAT or ACT score, contact CROSSWALK today. CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula’s local resource for test prep, tutoring and academic support. 

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