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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tutor

CROSSWALK serves student and life learners alike. We supplement the classroom setting and we also create our own curriculum and program depending on the student’s needs.

However, most of our clients fall into the first category: they need some help in addition to the classroom work. This post is directed towards these same students and their families.

CROSSWALK is not simply about hiring a tutor. CROSSWALK is more about finding the right supplemental education fit so a student can achieve both academic and life goals.

So before you jump into finding a tutor, ask yourself these three questions:

1) Can I schedule some extra help from my teacher?

Sometimes it’s impossible, but the first place to start is with the current teacher. If there is a gap between a student’s expectations and the student’s results, the teacher can be the first to recommend a program.

2) Is there another resource available on campus? Most local schools offer a resource center with study guides, tutors and extra help. Often times, a regular visit to the resource director is all a student needs.

3) Can Mom or Dad help out? Many times, a student simply needs some motivation and support. Mom and Dad might not have the subject knowledge, but they can certainly help encourage and direct.

If you answered “YES” to any of them, consider your other options.

But if you’ve answered “NO” to all three questions, then it is probably a good idea to think about a tutor.

Wherever your decision-making process leads you, give us a call and we can offer some ideas.

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