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Why CROSSWALK Offers a FREE Consultation

For most students, the educational landscape evolves over time. New teachers, new classes and new skills

require students to be able to adapt and adjust to learning environments.

Despite this ever-changing atmosphere, one thing remains constant: successful learning truly takes place when a strong relationship is created between the teacher and the student.

Think about your favorite teacher: you undoubtedly learned more because you enjoyed working with and for that particular instructor.

We take the same approach at CROSSWALK. After hundreds of students and many tutors, the relationship between the student and the tutor is always the determining factor for success.

For this reason, we offer free consultations. The first meeting is the chance for the tutor to meet the student and vice versa. If a strong match is made, the chances for success grow. If there is not a strong match, then CROSSWALK will work to find a better match at no charge.

As much as we are in the educational business, we find ourselves more in the relationship business.

It’s the relationship between the student and the tutor that truly matters. CROSSWALK won’t rest until we’ve found the right match for all.

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