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What's New About the New SAT?

Fasten your seat belts as there is a new SAT on the horizon.

In the works for some time now, the new SAT is the College Board's latest initiative to keep the SAT relevant in college admissions.

What's new about the test?

Generally, the new test will be:

  • Shorter: Total time about 2 hours.

  • Digital: Administered on a school or test-center provided computer.

  • Adaptive: Get an answer correct, your next question will be harder. Get an answer incorrect and your next question will be easier.

Specifically, the new test will:

  • Use shorter reading passages, including poems and excerpts from plays.

  • Have more Word-in-Context questions (i.e. vocabulary).

  • Test different punctuation including semicolons and dashes.

  • Offer grid-in answers in with negative answer possibilities.

  • Let students use calculators on the entire math section.

And when will this roll out?

International students will have the chance to take the new SAT as early as next month (March 2023). Domestic students will have to wait for spring of 2024. In other words, domestic students in the graduating class of 2024 will take the old SAT while domestic students in the graduating class of 2025 will take the new test in spring of junior year.

The question remains if colleges will continue their test-optional policies. The College Board is hoping this new format will push colleges to require SAT scores in their admissions or at least favor applicants who submit scores. Time will only tell.

CROSSWALK is ready for this new SAT so contact us if you have more questions about how to prepare or what this new SAT means for your college planning.

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