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What Did You Do During COVID-19?

Many college applications for 2020 include essay prompts addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Students will be given the space to write about how this event has impacted their lives, like in this Common Application question here

While this question is optional on the Common Application, it's always a good idea to write something. Especially if applicants can share meaningful experiences to help colleges better understand who the applicant is and what they are all about.

For example, an applicant might share what they did during the shelter-in-place order, like how they learned a new skill, took on a service project or did something else productive. 

So, you ask, what is CROSSWALK doing while sheltering-in-place? 


Even amidst the question of future of the SAT and ACT, CROSSWALK is using this time to reset, recalibrate and redeploy resources to better serve its clients. 

First and foremost, CROSSWALK is deepening its partnership with InspirED. Brooke and Marisela have been hard at work adding to their podcast and hosting weekly College Planning meetings on Wednesday nights. 

Second, CROSSWALK is expanding its instructional offerings to meet the new needs of remote learning. For example, we are prepared to help set up and manage remote learning pods for local families. And we have also added a new remote course called "Personal Finance for Tweens and Teens." 

Third, CROSSWALK launched a new website. The new site is easier to navigate, has its own dedicated payment page and will keep you up to date on the latest learning news and study tips. 

Finally, CROSSWALK is leveraging its two decades of standardized test preparation to prepare for what may be the next big thing in standardized testing: SAT and ACT scores as a means to access financial aid and scholarships. With this focus, CROSSWALK will work with families seeking to achieve good test scores in order to qualify for scholarships and financial aid. 

Certainly, CROSSWALK is using the shelter-in-place to position itself for continued success post-pandemic. 

So what did you do during COVID-19?

For test prep and learning help, contact CROSSWALK today. 

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