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What are the Best SAT Resources?

CROSSWALK has specialized in SAT preparation over the past five years.

Over that time, one question dominates the SAT scene: what is the best way to study for the test?

The answer to that question depends on the student and this or her goals. That said, here are two resources that I always recommend:

1) Kaplan SAT Prep Book/Course: Kaplan has some excellent resources, particularly when it comes to strategy. I’ve used a lot of their books with other test preparation, like GMAT, and I’ve found them to be spot on. Their classes are great as well, albeit a bit pricey for some.

2) The Official SAT Guide: this book is produced by the same organization that produces the SAT. I encourage all of my students to take as many of the 10 full-length tests as possible. Time them and score them. Uncover strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these will help prepare future studying and test taking.

As far as other resources, I recommend the College Board website. There are some great tools, like SAT Question of the Day and online courses, that can keep the mind fresh.

One final note: I shy away from anything other than Kaplan or College Board for my SAT prep courses. I’ve found other study guides to be too easy. If the studying is too easy, students freeze up when they get to the more difficult questions on the actual SAT.

Kaplan provides great strategy, College Board provides great questions. Stick with these two and you should be okay.

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