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The #1 Factor in Test Score Improvement

I once had a student increse their ACT score by 11 points in about six weeks.

I also had a student whose ACT score did not change six months after taking one of my courses.

Honestly, the material I delivered to both students was the same. I shared the same score-boosting strategies that I have touted for decades. So why would one student go up 11 points in only six weeks while another student sees no change in six months?

Simple: motivation.

Motivation is primary driver of test score improvement. Motivation is the secret sauce, the X factor, and the path to better scores.

Without motivation, students flounder and fail to see the point. An unmotivated student will not put in the time. As I tell my students, test-taking is a skill. And like any skill, it takes motivation to get better.

The student who improved their score 11 points in six weeks? They were motivated. They used my materials and strategies to practice a lot. They worked at the skill during the six weeks of our time together.

The students who did not improve even after six months? They did nothing. They took my course and then did no practice or review. They did not work at the skill.

So if you have the motivation, your score can improve. Without it, you should consider only test-optional or test-blind colleges.

Motivation, coupled with the key strategies and materials that I will present next month in CROSSWALK's Summer Test Prep Program, will go a long way to improve your test score.

Don't forget: an improved test score means greater chances of college admissions and more access to college scholarships. How's that for motivation?

Find out more about our summer test prep and our private tutoring here.

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