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Routinely Boring = Predictable Performance

Ah, routines. Aren’t they boring?

A routine might be boring but it is the path towards success.

We learn early in Kindergarten that routines are a key component to learning. A consistent time and place for each and every activity creates a predictable and stable learning environment. If Circle Time happens at 8:30 every morning on the Alphabet Rug, then students are prepared to share. If a visual schedule is hanging in the classroom, students can anticipate and prepare for the next steps. If transitions between activities are managed consistently then children will smoothly move from one endeavor to the next. It’s all about the routine! Success after Kindergarten is no different: set a routine and you establish a predictable and stable learning environment. Create a time and place for your study activities and your performance will become predictable. Whether you are preparing for a test, a project or something else, set up a routine for success.

And don’t forget, just because you set a routine doesn’t mean you cannot adjust things over time. In fact, this is the beauty of a routine. Since you establish a predictable set of activities, you can adjust the activities to achieve a desired outcome. However, if you don’t have a set schedule, then there is nothing to adjust.

So don’t be afraid to alter your routine. Just make sure you establish a routine in the first place. This may be a bit of a challenge particularly during the summer, but if you want to improve your performance in school then you need to establish a routine. Boring, but predictable.

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