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July is Test Prep Month

June, and the end of the school year, is behind us. August, and the start of the school year, is not far away. That means July is the time to work on test prep!

To make sure you get your test prep work done in July, CROSSWALK has the course for you: CROSSWALK's Summer Test Prep Program. This course kicks off next week! So sign up now!

This course, 20+ years in the making, is our most robust and accessible program ever. In addition to four group classes, each student gets two 60-minute private sessions. What a deal!

Classes will focus on both the SAT and the ACT. This is a huge plus.

Best of all, classes this summer are set up for every learner. If you are local to the 831, you can take your classes in person at the Stevenson School. Not local? Access the course online via Zoom. Miss a class? No worries because all sessions are recorded!

Sign up now for summer prep and increase your chances of college admisssion and scholarships. Find out more information right here.

Happy prepping!

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