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How to Access $$$ for Test Prep

For this reason, CROSSWALK is dedicated to closing this achievement/income gap by making financial aid readily available for our test prep programs.

The Summer Test Prep Series, scheduled to launch June 14, is just one program that can be more affordable with financial aid. Better yet, the process to apply is actually quite simple. You just have to ask.

If you are interested in learning about financial aid for this summer's course, reach out to CROSSWALK today.

Students who take the Summer Test Prep Series will learn key strategies, practice test sections and prepare a study plan for continued success.

Yes, many colleges are test-optional. But, students can increase their admission and financial aid opportunities with a good test score.

Don't let affordability get in the way of your opportunities. Contact CROSSWALK today to learn how you can access financial aid for your test prep.

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