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CROSSWALK Celebrates 7 Years

It all started back in 2002. I was starting an MBA program at M.I.I.S. and I had reconnected with some of my high school teachers. One requested that I tutor a student of hers in Spanish. One student led to two, two led to four and soon I had more than I could handle. It was great for me because I didn’t have to do some work study desk job! And since I was pursuing my MBA, I figured I’d start a business. I hired out my classmates and CROSSWALK was born.

Thinking back, I had no idea I’d still be tutoring and helping people achieve their learning goals. It’s been great fun. CROSSWALK has seen a lot of learning: SAT courses at Soledad HS, ESL classes for Scheid Vineyards field supervisors, private instruction for all of the Monterey Peninsula high schools and everything in between. Even a crash Spanish course for an elderly couple preparing for a trip to Nicaragua! All great–and wonderfully learning–experiences.

I’ve even got to travel a bit and take my SAT prep show on the road. I’ll be doing some SAT prep classes in Auburn, CA in September. Who knew?

Yet at the core we still remain a small, flexible and responsive service. We still aim to personalize our programs and we pride ourselves on hiring only the best instructors.

So far a recipe for success, but more a recipe for serving the tutoring and supplementary education needs of our clients.

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