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Another ACT Success Story!

Success stories never get old so let’s tell another one from CROSSWALK. The following was emailed to me: “We were very pleased with Dan’s tutoring. He worked very well with Nicole and Nicole has improved in her practice tests consistently over the weeks. Her overall score has improved by six points and we are very impressed. Overall he was a wonderful tutor.”

Go Dan! Go Nicole! A six-point increase on the ACT is exceptional.  While there is no doubt that Dan helped create this success story, the biggest impact on score improvement comes from Nicole’s willingness to put in the practice time and improve.  Time on task is crucial to improving a score. The more dedicated and diligent practice time you commit to the SAT or ACT, the higher your score will go. Couple this with the guidance of one of our outstanding tutors–like Dan–and you have a guaranteed recipe for score improvement.  To learn how to boost your ACT, SAT or GPA, contact CROSSWALK today. 

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