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86 Holiday Gifts Just for You

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, wouldn't you like a gift?

Well, what about 86 of them?

Time to open your gifts: here is a list of 86 colleges with test-blind, test-free or score-free admissions policies for Fall 2022 (or beyond).

That's right. Over 80 schools won't consider SAT or ACT scores in their process of admission including all campuses of the UC system, California Institute of Technology, Dickinson College, and many other excellent schools.

What great gifts. If any of these schools are your dream schools, then don't stress about SAT and ACT prep.

Instead of spending the time, money and energy gearing up for standardized tests for these schools, spend that time, money and energy working on the things these schools value, namely GPA, academic rigor and extracurricular commitments.

Happy Holidays from CROSSWALK! We wish you all a stress-free holiday season.

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