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10 Predictions for 2022

Now that 2022 is here, what will learning, education and college planning look like next year?

Look for these 10 things in 2022:

1. Blended learning will be the norm: For the past semester or so, many thought remote learning was a thing of the past. However, omicron and other variants are forcing schools to reconsider remote options in the interest of health and safety. For the next year, schools from elementary through college will need to balance robust remote learning options with in-person instruction.

2. Social/emotional learning will be a greater focus: The topic of mental health is crucial and more institutions are recognizing the need to support their students in both social and emotional development.

3. More programs will address learning loss: Data suggests that most students lost weeks if not months of learning during the COVID pandemic. Resources will be put in place to mitigate this learning loss. Look for after school programming, on campus tutors or other ways schools can help students recoup lost time.

4. SAT and ACT Test-optional will be here to stay: Students and colleges benefitted from going test-optional. Students had more choices and colleges got more applicants. Win-win for everyone.

5. SAT and ACT will be administered on school sites: This is already happening, particularly for the SAT. With so much unpredictability of testing locations due to COVID in 2021, the model for 2022 is to host the tests on school grounds and, usually, on school days.

6. College affordability will be a bigger factor: This one may be wishful thinking but there are indications that families are making college choices less about the brand and more about the financial impact. 2022 will see more students explore more affordable options like community college or schools that offer greater merit aid.

7. Teachers will embrace cell phones in the classroom: Old school teachers who forbid or prohibit cell phone use the classroom are fighting a losing battle. Teachers will need to help students understand cell phone etiquette but there are so many learning tools on the phone that can be used in the classroom that it will be high time for the old schoolers (like me!) to admit that cell phones can be useful.

8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enter our classrooms: AI will become a greater part of our students learning. Software designed to diagnose learning challenges will become more commonplace in school settings.

9. The next wave of gamification will arrive: While Kahoot! and Quizlet saw a very successful 2021, the next wave of augmented reality and virtual learning is coming. Imagine Spanish students virtually visiting a museum in Spain for a scavenger hunt! This is happening already and 2022 will bring more of it.

10. CROSSWALK will continue to support all students: This last prediction is a fact. CROSSWALK is here to support your academic achievement, testing goals and path towards learning success.

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