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10 Keys to SAT & ACT Success

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

For many years, I have presented my "10 Keys to SAT & ACT Success" to all of my test prep students. Whether I work one-on-one or in a group setting, I typically start my work by laying out these keys because they set the foundation for the mindset, the strategies and the approach needed to achieve maximum success on test day. 

Yet, after all this time helping students understand the keys to test prep success, these nuggets have only been accessible to those students who work with me personally. 

Why shouldn't all learners be able to understand these keys? And isn't now, in the midst of a pandemic, the best time to provide access to crucial resources? 

So without further ado, drum roll please, CROSSWALK is proud to announce the production of 10 separate YouTube videos all dedicated to my 10 Keys to SAT & ACT Success

Check out the first batch of videos here

Now, you might be asking, why do this work now when the future of the SAT and ACT is in doubt

Good question, but my take on this is twofold: 

1) While the short term future of these tests is in question, I feel that in the long term these tests will likely remain a part of both admissions, and more importantly, scholarship or financial aid

2) The keys communicated on these videos may be targeted to test prep, but in reality they are simply essential learning techniques for anyone embarking on learning a new skill. 

So subscribe to the CROSSWALK YouTube channel for unlimited access to the 10 Keys to SAT and ACT success that my students have enjoyed for almost two decades. 

And please share these videos, comment on them or otherwise let me know if they are helpful for your learning process. 

CROSSWALK is the Monterey Peninsula's resource for academic tutoring, test prep and lifelong learning. Contact us today to take the next step towards your learning goals. 

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