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Beta Test New SAT/ACT Prep Program...for FREE?

Big news: CROSSWALK is set to launch a brand new SAT & ACT Prep Program. But before we officially launch this new program, we need some beta testers to give us feedback.

Here's what's new about the program: it's an asynchronous course that students follow a check list, course videos and practice tests. The nice thing is that it is totally self-paced so students can follow from the comfort of their homes. And CROSSWALK's goal is to make this accessible and affordable for all students.

Are you willing to test this out?

If so, you will get FREE trial for the program! All I ask in exchange is that you test the links, try the videos and give me any feedback on your experience.

Interested? Please email me directly and I can set you up. I have a limited number of slots for beta testers so please let me know soon.

Otherwise, if you want to take a peek at the program, check it out right here.

Happy prepping!

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