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Alphabet Soup of Testing and Academics with a Side of Humor

As July turns to August, the number of calls I receive from parents increases. With school starting back up, seniors realize that they may only have one more chance to get a good test score. 

At this time of year, anxiety for parents and students alike ramps up dramatically. Summer doldrums become fall stress cases faster than the leaves change color. 

For those facing this stressful time of year, it may help to step back and let a little humor into your lives. While it is important to do what it takes to increase a score or improve one’s chance to get into one’s college of choice, let’s not forget that a student is more than a test score

To help ease the stress of the upcoming school year and testing calendar, please have a gander at the following article posted by author Darcy McMurtery for the San Francisco-based publishing company McSweeny’s

I hope this article brings you a smile during these anxious times. 

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